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Stationed at Singur - Delhi road, Sravasti Warehousing is a top-notch logistics service provider that caters to a long list of satisfied clienteles by providing spacious warehouses or godowns with plenty of enviable and attractive amenities. The enterprise is committed to providing unparalleled service to its customer base and owns warehouses of a wide range of sizes that can be customized according to the precise needs of the clients. The bricks of the enterprise were laid down by in and since its inception, Sravasti Warehousing has gone on to become a pioneer in its field and has provided unrivaled services to its wide customer base and still continues to draw more with its plentiful services and amenities provided at pocket-friendly cost. The warehouses are conveniently located just off Singur - Delhi road on 6 lane highway which is easy to locate and well-accessible through all modes of transportation. Irrespective of whether you want to buy a warehouse for your personal or commercial use or simply want to rent one, Sravasti Warehousing is the place to go to. With warehouses available in all shapes and sizes, even the minutest necessities of the client are met with satisfaction. Starting its roots in a humble locale, Sravasti Warehousing envisions spreading its reach in the whole country and establishing itself as a household name for all logistics services. The service packages are flexible and customizable and are aimed at enhancing the productivity and efficiency of its clients. Besides casting light on the immaculate customer service, Sravasti Warehousing works hard to maintain the premium quality service to its customers. The warehouses are given for rent to both private parties as well as companies.

Ample Parking

Near the warehouse space is a petrol pump that provides the opportunity for refreshment to the transporters as well as providing parking. There is also a dedicated open space parking area for trucks and cars.

Amenities provided to labourers

The drivers can avail amenities such as restrooms to refresh after the long and tiring journey as well as have a filling meal at the canteens.

Wide Roads

The trucks don’t have to go through the challenge of driving on narrow roads filled with potholes carrying heavy goods. The roads are more than 40 ft. wide on all sides and are convenient for transportation.

Nearby Bus Stop

Locating the warehouse would hardly require breaking a sweat. The place is situated near the bus stop and can be easily located due to its proximity.

Our Location

While most people look into the cost and amenities provided by a warehousing facility, they forget to check on the geographical location which plays a vital role when transporting and storing heavy goods or fragile products. With Sravasti Warehousing you wouldn’t have to think twice. You can buy/rent commercial space and warehouse easily at India’s largest Logistics and commercial space located at an easily accessible spot just off 6 lane Highway.

Located on NH6 Highway
Nearby Coffee Shop & Lounge
Well Connected Inland and Across the Globe
Located at Eastern India Commercial Hub
Ample Free & Open Parking Spaces
Flagship Warehouse Concepts & Designs
Easy to Navigate from Any Part of India
Restrooms and Homestays Available Nearby

Location Map

OUR Gallery

Warehouse View from Road
Warehouse View from Entrance
Warehouse View from Inside
Warehouse View from Inside
Nearby HP Petrol Pump
Nearby Coffee Shop
Surrounding Location of Coffee Shop
Nearby Area of Petrol Pump
Bus Stop

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Journey to the warehouse

Getting inside the warehouse

Approach to the Warehouse

Our Services



Few factors affect a company’s success as much as the demand and supply chain. To take some of that worry off your shoulders, we provide the best warehouses in the locality to facilitate proper storage of your goods. Additional space is also provided as per the requirement of the clients. The warehouses are fully customizable and any modification is promptly addressed to upon request.


Logistics Services

On the other hand, We denounce ut with righteo indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.

Logistics Services

Customer Base

Our warehouses are open to individuals from all walks of life in need of commercial/industrial space for storage. The godowns are available in all sizes as depend on the need of the customers. The warehouses are available for both personal as well as commercial use and can be availed by a private person or a company. Sravasti Warehousing has successfully catered to a long list of satisfied clienteles in the past and continue to attract new customers even today with its competitive rates and the strategic location of its warehouses.

Your Convenience Is Our Top Priority

Established with the sole aim of providing the best customer service, Sravasti Warehousing helps you in advancing your enterprise by making the logistics part of your business efficient and affordable. Now buy or rent commercial/industrial space at a pocket-friendly price - your most trusted companion for providing premium quality industrial/commercial space.

  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance.
  • Well Ventilated Spaces.
  • Nearby Eateries & Resting Area.
  • All Day Water Supply.
  • Serene Environment.

  • Custom Sizes.
  • Affordable & Attractive Pricing.
  • Easy Logistic Movement.
  • Nearby Maintenance Service.
  • Top Quality Facilities.

Contact Info

  • Registered Office

    Sravasti Udyog Viniyog Pvt Ltd

    Room No 107, 4A Pollock Street

    Swaika Centre, Kolkata- 700001

  • Phone



    +91 9748567322

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